Assalamualaikum dan salam blog untuk yayang semua..>__^v

About Me

WhO Am I??

 FasYa SanI (not real name)
Nur Syazwani Zuridi (Real Name)
 22 Years OLD..
University Malaysian Sabah
Dalam Pengajian Anthropology and Sociology Social
You can Contact me at Facebook and Gmail
My hobby - Drawing, sIngIng, PhotogRaphy and play piano..ofc virtual piano
I want to  be a success person.

I Love

My Family
My All Superstar Teachers
My Ting Tong Friends (Hehehe)
Watch drama, Film, and variety show Kpop
My dear lappy

I Hate

copyPaste or CopycaT

Thank you 감사 함니다 for read all about me. I hope you and i will be a best friend.. Goodbye..
안넝 히 가세요
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