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Just a Cat..

Assalamualaikum and salam blog to you all. Last Saturday, fasya was very lonely because my family had gone to our village. At night, fasya decided to watch a scary movie. Suddenly, fasya heard very loud thunder. Fasya felt very scared. After a few minutes, fasya was suddenly in the darkness. "Oh my God!" Fasya screamed loudly because fasya was shocked.


Fasya quickly took out my mobile phone from my pocket. Fasya pressed the call button without looking at name that appeared on the screen. Luckily, my mother answered my call. i started crying as soon Fasya heard my mother's voice. My mother was worried about me. She asked me what had happened to me? Fasya could not answer my mother's question becouse fasya was very frightened. my mother advised me to stay calm as she would come quickly.

Suddenly, fasya heard something fall on the floor. Although, fasya was in a scary situation. Fasya went slowly to see what had fallen on the floor. Fasya was so that relieve. It just a cat. "Si Comel."


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